Dental Hygienist Salary

As one of the fastest growing career fields in the dental profession, dental hygiene is a popular choice for many. The job outlook for the next seven years is much higher than average, with an estimated 33% growth rate. While the salary you can expect to earn varies from state to state, in addition to your qualifications and level of employment, dental hygienists tend to earn above average salaries. More than half of dental hygienists work part time, so take that into consideration when calculating your earning potential.

What Can I Expect to Earn?

As mentioned earlier, your location and qualification will play a role in determining your expected salary. While many states allow licensure for graduates of an Associate Degree program, you will earn more with a Bachelors Degree. As you can see, salaries vary by state, so take that into consideration when choosing a location to study and start a career as a dental hygienist.

State Salary
Alabama $44,680
Alaska $79,560
Arizona $86,040
Arkansas $63,260
California $99,100
Colorado $81,090
Connecticut $81,840
Delaware $71,660
District of Columbia $105,320
Florida $64,890
Georgia $64,050
Guam $32,640
Hawaii $69,880
Idaho $72,170
Illinois $69,330
Indiana $67,130
Iowa $68,610
Kansas $69,790
Kentucky $56,530
Louisiana $62,430
Maine $63,810
Maryland $84,390
Massachusetts $83,410
Michigan $60,540
Minnesota $71,110
Mississippi $54,300
Missouri $69,050
Montana $69,560
Nebraska $64,750
Nevada $89,890
New Hampshire $80,590
New Jersey $84,180
New Mexico $77,190
New York $68,450
North Carolina $67,470
North Dakota $62,880
Ohio $66,770
Oklahoma $68,130
Oregon $76,680
Pennsylvania $60,750
Rhode Island $70,410
South Carolina $54,020
South Dakota $58,910
Tennessee $66,230
Texas $72,070
Utah $69,580
Vermont $63,080
Virginia $80,780
Washington $91,220
West Virginia $54,590
Wisconsin $63,210
Wyoming $66,990

Similar Professions

For a better understanding of a dental hygienist salary, you can compare the average with other career field averages. Below are the average salaries for Dental Assistants, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Technicians, Radiology Technicians and Surgical Technicians. By comparing these salaries, you can better assess the earning potential in dental hygiene.

Profession Salary
Dental Assistant $34,500
Registered Nurses $65,470
Dentists $149,310
Dental Laboratory Technicians $33,070
Radiologic Technologists $55,910
Surgical Technologists $41,790

Determining Factors

Like with many professions, it is not simply what degree you have, but also where you earned your degree that will affect your earning potential as a dental hygienist. More prestigious programs warrant higher pay, along with further education. Your experience level will also play a role in your salary, with more experienced dental hygienists earning more than less experienced. As mentioned previously your location is also a major factor in determining your expected salary. All of these factors collectively determine your earning potential as a dental hygienist.


The projected growth rate for dental hygienists for the next seven years is 33% according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, much higher than the average growth rate for other career fields. As scientific research continues to recommend more oral care to improve general wellness, it is anticipated that the need for more dental hygienists will continue to rise. This growth will make relocation a viable option if you desire a change of scenery in your future. Because the need for dental hygienists is nationwide, and qualifications are comparable amongst states, dental hygienists have the ability to transfer their skills to many locations, although new licensure requirements remain.

Increasing Salary

The salary for a dental hygienist can vary due to the determining factors discussed above, but because of the estimated growth and varying qualifications there are opportunities to increase your salary as a dental hygienist. By improving your educational accolades and increasing your experience level, you can command a higher salary. Many dental hygienists work part-time, though you can make more as a full-time professional. By combining these career building improvements, you have the ability to increase your salary as a dental hygienist.