Dental Hygienist Schools in Connecticut

As the southernmost New England state, Connecticut is considered part of the Tri-state area along with New York and New Jersey. While it is the third smallest state as measured by area, it is also the fourth most densely populated. Its capital is Hartford, while its most densely populated city is Bridgeport.

Connecticut is home to Yale and UConn, and boasts a highly educated and urbane populace. While you will never be far from a city in Connecticut, you will find that there are some surprisingly quiet colonial towns if you are looking for a more laid-back ambiance. You also may be astonished at all the opportunities there are to get out and enjoy nature. Connecticut is famous for its vivid fall foliage and sandy beaches. On that note, seafood lovers will feel right at home here living along the Atlantic seaboard. This is the place to grab a lobster roll!

Career Outlook and Salary

But is Connecticut the right place to live and work as a dental hygienist? To figure that out, we need to first consider the mean annual salary earned by dental hygienists nationwide, and then compare it to what dental hygienists are making in Connecticut.

The BLS reports that nationwide, dental hygienists are making $73,440 on average each year. Jobs are growing at a rate of 19%, which is much faster than the national average for all professions. So the demand is there, and there should be many opportunities to advance your career as the years go by.

What are dental hygienists making in the state of Connecticut? The BLS reports that 3,810 dental hygienists call Connecticut home, and that they are making an annual mean wage of $82,920.

That is higher than the national average, and is also significantly higher than salaries earned in Rhode Island and New York. Massachusetts wages are comparable, though slightly lower than those in Connecticut. So if you live in this area, you will earn pretty good money. Just don’t forget that the cost of living in the Tri-State area can be high.

License Requirements

If you want to become licensed as a dental hygienist in Connecticut, here are the requirements you will have to meet before you submit your application:

  • Pay the application fee of $150.
  • Graduate from a dental program accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) and provide official transcripts.
  • Complete and pass the National Board Examinations.
  • Complete and pass a clinical performance examination via the Council of Interstate Testing Agencies, the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments, the Southern Regional Testing Agency, the Western Regional Examining Board or the Central Regional Dental Testing Service.
  • If you have previously held a license in another state, provide verification.


If your dream is to become a dental hygienist in Connecticut, your first step is to select an accredited program. Following is a list of colleges in Connecticut which are offering courses in dental hygiene.

Goodwin College
Health Science
One Riverside Drive
East Hartford, CT 06118-0000

Programs Offered
Associate: AS

Lincoln College of New England
Department of Dental Studies
2279 Mount Vernon Road
Southington, CT 06409-0000

Programs Offered
Associate: AAS

Tunxis Community College
Allied Health Division
Dental Hygiene
271 Scott Swamp Road
Farmington, CT 06032-0000

Programs Offered
Associate: AS

University of Bridgeport
Fones School of Dental Hygiene
Division of Health Sciences
60 Lafayette Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604-0000

Programs Offered
Associate: AS
Baccalaureate: BS-DH

University of New Haven
Division of Health, Professions
College of Arts & Sciences
Dental Hygiene Program
419 Boston Post Road
West Haven, CT 06516-1918

Programs Offered
Associate: AS-DH
Baccalaureate: BS-DH